The Sacramento Solar Cleaning Process

Our Sacramento solar cleaning service "The Process"

Our "ON THE GROUND" Solar Panel Cleaning Process:

  1. First Sacramento Solar will remove any electric equipment from the solar panels location. When Cleaning Solar Panels you must be very careful as to not cause any electrical failure.
  2. Next Sacramento Solar will inspect anything underneath all of your solar panels. Underneath your solar panels may need washing as well. Many times when solar panels are under trees there are leafs and debris.
  3. After washing underneath your solar panels Shine Up Solar will very carefully remove all dust, debris, bugs, fallen tree sap, and all other items that may be blocking solar performance.
  4. Once your solar panel has been removed of all debris we will then start washing. We use a long rang water fed washing pole that can reach long distances to reach hard to get solar panels.
  5. After washing your solar panels with a certified solar panel cleaning solution. You can clean solar panels with water, however there are certain solutions that are proven to not only keep panels cleaner longer, but also improve efficiency.
  6. After the panels are dried off we will continue to inspect the frame around each and every panel and wipe down all corners of dust and debris.
  7. After we are finished cleaning your solar panels we will carefully replace any thing that was in the way of blocking our access to the location of the panels.

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