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Solar Panel Cleaning Services Sacramento, CA

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Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Sacramento

As Sacramento's Leading provider for Solar Panel Cleaning, Sacramento Solar is committed to increasing the efficiency of your solar panels. With Sacramento being second in the world to the most mature trees next to France, the solar panels in Sacramento get much more debris, pollen and leafs falling on them. Accumulation of pollen, leaves, dust, wild fires, bird droppings, daily emissions and other debris will effect the panels which cause their efficiency to drop significantly over time. Research has shown that dirty solar panels run hotter, and work harder, which will contribute to a reduction of power and will also impact the life of your panels.

How much can you save from solar panel cleaning?

We have seen many different instances in the Sacramento area where cleaning solar panels have increased energy output of 20 - 66%. If you are not cleaning your solar panels then you are losing energy and your solar panels are not a there peek performance. With monthly cleaning on your solar panels you can be sure that you will always be running at 95% - 100% performance. Our cleaning services our offered on a monthly, quarterly, bi - annually and yearly. We highly recommend cleaning your solar panels once a month for peek performance and 100% perfect energy output.

Located in Northern California? Give us a call!

If you are located in the Sacramento area and you are interested in getting a free quote on your commercial or residential solar panels being serviced please give us a call today. Here at Shine Up Solar we only use certified "Green" cleaning solutions. Shine Up Solar is committed to keeping America Eco friendly and energy efficient.

We use a certified (Green - Eco Friendly) solar panel cleaning solution

At Sacramento Solar we use a certified (Green - Eco Friendly) solar panel cleaning solution that is designed to keep your solar panels cleaner longer. Cleaning solar panels is not as easy as using soap and water as different soaps may harm and ruin your solar panels. If you have dirty solar panels, consult with the professionals at Green Solar Clean today and find out how much we can clean your panels today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Shine Up Solar offers solar panel cleaning in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Loomis, and all of Northern California.

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